Our Unparalleled Medical and Surgical Editorial Standards


At aaroncohen-gadol.com and neurosurgicalatlas.com, we are committed to providing the most accurate, trustworthy, unbiased, and up-to-date health information for our users. Our patients’ interest is our most important priority. Our editorial standards are designed to ensure that all content on our website meets the highest standards of medical accuracy and reliability. These standards are maintained through a rigorous process involving experienced medical and surgical professionals and adherence to strict peer-review guidelines.

Experienced Surgeon Written

Authored by Dr. Aaron Cohen-Gadol: Our medical content is primarily written and thoroughly reviewed by Dr. Aaron Cohen-Gadol, a renowned brain surgeon with one of the most extensive experiences in the world of over 7000 brain surgeries. His expertise ensures that the information presented is based on professional expertise and knowledge, providing readers with reliable and actionable health information.

Peer Reviewed

Collaborative Accuracy: To further ensure the reliability of our content, every article undergoes a stringent peer-review process. This process involves review and approval by other medical and surgical experts in the relevant field, ensuring that all information is accurate, up-to-date, and reflects the latest in medical research and practices.

First Party Data Driven

Evidence-Based Information: Our content is driven by first-party data, meaning it is based on original research, clinical studies, and real-world evidence and guidelines. We prioritize data collected and analyzed by reputable organizations and research institutions, ensuring the information we provide is grounded in factual and empirical evidence.

We Cite Only Reputable Medical Sources

Trusted Sources: We are committed to transparency and credibility. Therefore, all our content cites and references only reputable medical and surgical sources. These include peer-reviewed journals, academic research institutions, and well-regarded healthcare organizations. This practice ensures that our readers have access to verifiable and dependable medical information.

Medical Claims Backed by Evidence and Peer-Reviewed Studies

Rigorous Verification: We back all medical claims with evidence from peer-reviewed studies and comprehensive research. Every statement related to health, treatments, interventions, and medical conditions is supported by scientific evidence thoroughly vetted to maintain the integrity and accuracy of our information.

Our Commitment to our Users and Patients

Our commitment to these editorial standards reflects our dedication to providing health information that is not only informative but also safe, reliable, and beneficial for our readers. We continuously strive to improve and update our content to keep pace with the latest advancements in the medical and surgical fields.