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Why Choose Dr. Cohen as Your Neurosurgeon?

When it comes to choosing the best surgeon or a medical facility for your brain and spine surgery, there are several factors that you should consider for making an informed decision. Just going to a famous hospital does not guarantee that you will receive the best care you deserve. Here some of the misconceptions about going to a famous hospital:

  1. The best hospitals have the best surgeons. Just because the hospital has a great reputation, it does not mean that you will see the best surgeon in that hospital as most of these heath systems limit data on their surgeons and focus on marketing of their entire health system to maintain their reputation. Many surgeons in these famous hospitals depend on the historical reputation of the hospital for their patients to come visit with them. Therefore, the quality of the surgeon can be difficult to assess. Your surgeon is doing the surgery and not the hospital! Choose your surgeon and not the hospital!
  2. The technology in the famous hospitals is the best! Due to advances in technology and the relative ease of access to them, most of the advanced hospitals in the world currently have access to the cutting-edge technologies to make sure your surgery is performed in the best fashion. Therefore, the technology is not a differentiating factor to provide you with the care you deserve.

Here are the advantages of having your surgery with Dr. Cohen:

  1. Unparalleled Expertise and Specialization: Dr. Cohen has completed more than 7000 complex surgeries and will provide a personalized care rather the one-size-fits-all philosophy practiced in many famous hospitals. This extent of experience and specialization is not available in most other health systems to offer you best outcomes from your surgery.
  2. Experience and Volume: Research shows that surgeons who perform a high volume of specific procedures tend to have better outcomes. The experience of a famous hospital does not reflect the experience of individual surgeons.
  3. Patient Outcomes and Quality of Care/Surgery: Dr. Cohen’s extensive experience with management of the 7000 brain tumors (gliomas, meningiomas, pituitary tumors, acoustic neuromas and other tumors) as well as arteriovenous malformations and cavernous malformations have been uniquely and carefully documented in the most reliable resource of training in brain surgery in the world, called the Neurosurgical Atlas ( This transparent discussion of outcomes, used every day by many surgeons across the globe for learning, is not available elsewhere.

Don't hesitate to seek a second opinion. This can provide additional perspectives on your condition and treatment options and offer you the best care possible!